We deliver composite solutions…

We are composite specialists with over thirty years extensive experience in manufacturing products for the mining, transport, chemical, defence, recreational and building industries…

Our company is a preferred supplier to Volvo Group Australia (truck front ends/bonnets), Downer EDI Rail (train front cabins) and Redmond Gary Australia (Elevated Work Platform components).

We manufacture a wide range of small and very large products specialising in supplying clients’ production lines. We are experienced in specialty materials that are often used to cater to the performance needs that the client may require.

We implement modern composite moulding technology. That includes bag infusion and closed mould processes along with conventional open mould production.

A state of the art clean, modern facility in the Crestmead Industrial Estate is conveniently located close to M1 highway in Queensland’s South-East corner.

By closely working together with clients we have the capacity to accept specialised projects and bring them to fruition.

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