Marky Fibreglass Composite Panels consists of various core materials, sandwiched between two laminated sheets of fibreglass and tailored to exceed customers requirements i.e. strength, weight and thermal properties.


PET composite panels consist of highly adaptable, recyclable, thermoplastic foams with a good balance of mechanical properties. It can be processed at high temperatures withstanding exotherms up to 150°C and offers outstanding strength, fatigue properties, chemical resistance and good adhesion. It is also a high consistent extruded foam.









Ideal For

Transport Industry:

Trailer floors and bodies, Caravan floors and bodies, Mobile home floor and bodies, Horse floats

Marine Industry:

Bulkheads and floors

Industrial and Commercial:

Lightweight but strong walls


Key Points

  • Withstands high process temperatures
  • High impact and compression capabilities
  • Panels will not rot or delaminate
  • Lightweight but extremely strong
  • Excellent adhesion and mechanical properties
  • Excellent chemical and water resistance
  • Recyclable
  • Compatible with all types of composite manufacturing techniques